Jesus Saves Your Soul, But He Won’t Get You Off the Couch

Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

Jesus saves your soul, but He’ll let you atrophy on the couch binging Game of Thrones and eating orange circus peanuts. He wants you to live your best life now, serve others, and be fulfilled. He even sends the Holy Spirit to lead and prompt you, yet the volume of your Beats may be drowning out the Spirit. Jesus will save you from Hell. You have to save yourself from yourself.

God Provides; We Participate

God saved Noah and his family from the flood. But Noah spent 120 years building the ark.

God anointed David king. But David trained himself fighting lions and bears, beheading Goliath, and winning many military battles before he put on the crown.

God made Abraham a father of many nations. But Abraham had to go. Where? Wherever God led him.

God equipped Paul to preach the Gospel and write most of the New Testament. But Paul had to go preach and write, suffer beatings, survive shipwrecks, and endure imprisonments.

Jesus saves your soul. But to do it, He had to clothe Himself in flesh, carry a cross up a hill, and stretch His arms out for the nails and hammer.

Don’t Waste Your Canvas

God wants you and me to do great things, and He’ll prepare, provide and lead us, but we have to get off the couch. God lays out a blank canvas before us and supplies all of the colors and implements. As partners in the venture, we provide the effort and energy. Well, honestly, He gives us the energy, also. We only choose to activate it.



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R. Dennis Brady

R. Dennis Brady

Husband, father, Toby’s friend, writer, fantasy football fanatic, beach lover, blessed child of God.