There’s Truth and There’s Your Opinion

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash

For some people, their opinion is truth, but we know who they are, and they’re delusional. Just my opinion.

I used to be delusional about writing. I thought every word I penned was as precious as my firstborn. Then I started writing the company blog, subject to the approval of our operations manager, and she ripped my babies to shreds. Unfortunately, her opinion, or her version of the truth, outranked mine.

After several helpings of humble pie, I realized she was right. Then earlier this year, truth struck another blow to my ego. I took several writing courses, and earned certifications, and realized that my writing still sucked. I spent money and effort on that truth.

That’s the thing about opinions. You think yours is right until you acquire more information. Then sometimes, an enlightened human will realize it’s not a matter of opinion at all. There’s actually a thing called truth.

But getting beyond opinions to truth takes humility and effort — commodities in short supply today. It’s easier and lazier to sit around sipping on self-conceit, thinking you’re right about every damn thing.



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