The Saddest Statement I’ve Ever Seen

Photo by JC Gellidon on Unsplash

“He passed away, to no one’s regret.” 2 Chronicles 21:20

The Bible says that Jeroham, King of Israel, reigned for 8 years, and no one was sorry when he died at the age of 40. These are some of the saddest words I’ve ever read.

Can you imagine those words on your gravestone?

“Here he lies dead, to no one’s regret.”

When I die it will be a neutral event for almost 8 billion people, and I hope no one will rejoice at my passing, but if not one person sheds at least one tear, I’ve done something wrong.

No one regretted the man’s death. What kind of life do you live that makes everyone happy to see you gone?

You never helped anyone.

You always only thought about yourself.

You were cruel.

You never said a kind word to anyone.

You were arrogant.

You were vindictive.

It’s easy to fall into the trap of self-centeredness and narcissism, especially in our just do it, live your best life now, Instagram-selfie lives, but is this how you want to be remembered?

Zig Ziglar had a great philosophy.

“You can get anything in life you want, as long as you help enough other people in life get what they want.”

You can still operate from purely selfish motives, but at least you’ll help others, too.

And a few people will regret your passing.



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R. Dennis Brady

R. Dennis Brady

Husband, father, Toby’s friend, writer, fantasy football fanatic, beach lover, blessed child of God.